Our shipment and garment packaging play a big part in our ongoing commitment to reducing our footprint and making conscious choices across our supply chain. We have dissected each packaging element so that you can make an informed decision on what to do next, after considering reuse. You will find that the majority of our packaging is fully recyclable and/or compostable. We will continue to review our offering as solutions evolve and strive to provide the optimal balance between quality assurance and environmental impact.

    Branded mailing bags and closing sticker

    Your next order will arrive in our latest mailing bag. Strong and secure with a minimalist design, these 100% recyclable, compostable bags are made from sustainably sourced Kraft paper and have water-based inks applied for the print. In addition, the branded closing sticker is made from recycled paper with a compostable and biodegradable permanent adhesive made from renewable materials (non-fossil fuel derived) and is CO2 neutral. The label has EU Ecolabel certification and the adhesive is certified to the EU compostable packaging standard EN13432.


    What to do next?

    Once considered for shipping reuse, the mailing bag and branded closing sticker can be disposed of responsibly in two ways: by composting in your own compost bin, food waste recycling bin or industrial compost facility or by disposing of them in a recycling bin. The bag’s adhesive seal is not compostable; as a solvent it is skimmed off when the paper is pulped as part of the by-product process in recycling. The address label is also best taken off the mailing bag and disposed of in your general waste bin as this is not yet recyclable or using a compostable and biodegradable permanent adhesive. We are working to implement this in collaboration with our warehouse.

    TIPA compostable garment packaging

    We have introduced TIPA compostable packaging for all of our garments. We chose TIPA packaging because we wanted to offer a premium solution that protects your new garment throughout our supply chain, yet can also return to nature. Composting is one of the world’s most natural recycling systems and this bag decomposes in the same way organic matter decomposes due to its bio-based technology. The compostable film is certified to assure it is nourishing and perfectly safe to cultivate soil. We know it is not the final solution, but it is a solid start.


    What to do next?

    Once considered for reuse, remove any non-compostable labels from this bag. Note that only the barcode labels on our sock bags are currently not yet using our bio-made and compostable labels, all others are. Dispose of the TIPA bag responsibly in your own compost bin, food waste recycling bin or industrial compost facility and the packaging returns to organic waste in 24 weeks. To start composting, all you need is a home compost bin and some food scraps or fruit and vegetable peelings. If you have a garden, you can also use the compost there. You can also opt to reuse this bag as a drybag or storage bag on your next trip or bike packing adventure.

    Read more about our TIPA packaging on our dedicated Stories page

    Branded hang tags and recycled card hangers

    The branded hang tags that feature on our tops and bottoms have been designed to give you the assurance that each garment is new and authentic. They are specially made with material derived from cornstarch, making them suitable for composting. Yet, they are also designed to encourage creativity in reuse, for example by using them as a luggage label, race day tag or bookmark. The barcode label on the back is bio-made (made of agricultural waste) and compostable.

    Our accessories come individually packaged with a recycled card hanger to avoid waste and the use of plastics in retail environments and the barcode stickers on their reverse are bio-made (made of agricultural waste) and compostable.


    What to do next?

    Once considered for reuse, you can dispose of the branded hang tag responsibly by composting in your own compost bin, food waste recycling bin or industrial compost facility. Please remove the ribbon prior to doing so. The barcode stickers on our items are also bio-made and compostable. The recycled card hangers can be disposed of in a recycling bin and their attached small elastic bands in the general waste bin.

    Our B2B packaging

    The packaging we use to ship our garments to retail partners all around the world is developed in conjunction with WRAP, the Waste and Resources Action Programme. Reliable and strong yet using less materials, our single wall cardboard boxes save some 30% in co2 emissions compared to larger double wall boxes whilst their recycled content ranges from 60% to 90%. The boxes get sealed with recycled and recyclable kraft tape.

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