Volume 1 Collection

    Created by the belief that the garments we wear are an extension of our views and personality, our very first collection sets the tone for seasons to come.

    Intertwining premium performance with ethical construction and progressive design, we have left no stone unturned.

    From timeless, clean and contemporary styles to vivid colours that make a statement, inspiration for our range has come from change and the ever-evolving scenes of the natural world around us.



    "The ability to enjoy the world around you away from the hustle and bustle of daily life is cycling's great gift. Ultimately, cycling is a social hub for me too, with some of my greatest friends made on two wheels."


    "Cycling has made me a better, and stronger person, on and off the bike. I love cycling because of the incredible happiness it gives me, but also because of the hardships it puts me through. Very early on it is the world of ultra-distance that has attracted me for the ability it gives me to get out of my comfort zone in ways no other aspects of my life can do. Cycling has extended my horizons and the remit of what is possible in my life."


    "Cycling has given me the freedom to explore different places that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. As someone who races it also gives me focus and drive, both in and out of cycling. It gives me a chance to express myself with various bits of kit and equipment in a way I didn’t really do before with rowing."

    "When I'm on a climb, like on a high mountain and when I look down to see the elevation and the road switchbacks through the landscape - that's when I feel humbled by how small we are as humans. There is something to be said for that sense of achievement."

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