Volume 2 Collection

    This collection has been created with technical performance at its core. Each piece is designed and developed using pioneering materials for advanced comfort with a strong consideration for durability and a reduced environmental footprint.

    Designed to offer versatility, the styles work to form a modular system that comprises a multitude of layers to see you through all weather conditions.

    The range is complemented by a modern colour palette that reflects this approach and the use of reflective details. 


    "It is in times of difficulty that you can push yourself." - Caroline

    "The weather, the elements, the sounds. Everything you see, everything you can feel, the different sensations. Going through different parts of the environment, the landscape, the breeze, the roads and surfaces. All that sensory stuff, that you just take in and think about when you're out - having it all tick along." - Tobias

    "When I think of the outdoors, I think mostly of sensations and what I feel when I'm outside. It's my meditation, you know - I'm on my bike, I don't think, I just ride and I just enjoy it." - Caroline

    "The weather is either your biggest friend or your biggest enemy. It is something you have to prepare for, have the right stuff with you. It's something you can appreciate and it's something you can hate. It does crazy things - it's just part of life." - Tobias



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